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BE President, Raza A. Bokhari

Raza A. Bokhari has over twenty years of experience in energy consulting & management, finance, sales, business investment, manufacturing, and corporate task force. He welcomes you to utilize his resources in order to gain exceptional advantage in a competitive corporate market.

Raza has taught subjects of business administration and industrial engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He has also worked with Detroit Edison, Ellis Naeyaert Associates and New York Life Insurance. His zeal for business, accented by his down-to-earth nature, makes Raza Bokhari an excellent proponent to help you succeed.

He possesses essential business strategies and valuable insight that will help you get ahead. Raza Bokhari is always willing to dedicate his time to speaking with you, so feel free to contact him with absolutely no obligations or commitments.

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BE President, Raza A. Bokhari
BE President Raza A. Bokhari